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Weird West Dev Partners With Galaxy Interactive For Ambitious New IP

Raphael Colantonio, the founder of WolfEye Studios, has revealed that his new project will be ‘even more ambitious’ than the critically acclaimed Weird West, although the flip side of this is that a sequel is probably off the cards at the moment.

The new game is part of a new partnership with Galaxy Interactive, but most importantly, it will allow WolfEye Studios to maintain its independence.

Our partnership with Galaxy will allow us to maintain our independence, while also allowing us to get more ambitious with our next game. Which is a dream situation to be in!

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The Weird West developer will be spending “the next months” expanding its development team and cobbling together a prototype “for an ambitious new IP,” which “is yet to be announced.”

Weird West was originally released in March 2022 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and its free PS5 upgrade launched earlier this week.