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HBO’s The Last Of Us Season 2 Casting Halted Due To Writer’s Strike

Casting for Season 2 of HBO’s The Last Of Us has halted due to the Writer’s Strike, as the film and tv industry continues to feel the strike’s pressure.

Actors had been in auditions for Season 2 just earlier this week, according to a report from Variety, before the process was halted due to the strike.

Variety also reports that actors had been reading lines directly pulled from The Last Of Us Part II, as there are no scripts for Season 2 available yet.

Which would make sense, as both Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin are not working on the show in order to toe the picket line, with Mazin even being seen out on the streets striking with other WGA members.

Hopefully the strike is able to end soon, with the WGA able to be successful, so that the writers who help bring our favourite stories to life can actually be able to earn a livable wage that properly represents the value of their work.

Source – [Variety]