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PlayStation Partner Deviation Games Reportedly Lays Off Near A Hundred Members Of Its Staff

Deviation Games isn’t a PlayStation owned studio, but the project currently in the works at Deviation is being published and funded by PlayStation, and will be a PlayStation exclusive when it releases.

Now however a new report points to Deviation laying off up to 90 developers, which is more than half its staff, based on its last public numbers report which put the studio’s size at “over 100 strong.”

That was the studio’s size at least when it secured a deal with PlayStation, to work on an “innovative new IP” back in 2021. A year later, the studio’s co-founder and chief creative officer, Jason Blundell, left Deviation.

A report from VGC pointed to the layoffs, and multiple LinkedIn posts from now ex-Deviation employees all announcing the change in their professional life, citing that the studio “recently ran into a difficult situation and was forced to make a number of layoffs.”

At the time of writing there’s been no official word from Deviation or PlayStation. Not much has been said about what exactly the team at Deviation was working on, though it might now be the case that we won’t see the project come to fruition.

Source – [VGC]