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Genshin Impact Update 3.7 ‘Duel! The Summoners’ Summit’ Release Date Set For May 24

Developer miHoYo has announced that Genshin Impact Update 3.7, otherwise known as Duel! The Summoners’ Summit, is launching on May 24, 2023.

Genshin Impact update 3.7 introduces the King of the Invocations Grand Prix event, over 60 TCG cards, plus the addition of Kiara, a new four-star playable character. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from Genshin Impact: Duel! The Summoners’ Summit.

As an international TCG tournament across Teyvat, the “King of Invokation Grand Prix” attracts numerous visitors, including card players, tourists, and even a reporter from Fontaine at its venues and celebrations in multiple areas. Working for the famous newspaper The Steambird, Charlotte will not only cover the tournament but also investigate into a strange case on-site, and players can join her and meet characters from various nations in the event storyline.

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Meanwhile, the Adventurers’ Guild has prepared events that will delight everyone, regardless of whether you’re a TCG player. Card players of all levels can attend the unofficial tourney “Zero Hour Invokation” and duel with selected cards. Visitors who are interested in Genius Invokation can also try out “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” or “Heart of the Dice,” two mini-games that incorporate elements of Genius Invokation TCG.

The former requires participants to restore card illustrations from complex and disordered mechanics and gears, and the latter is a combat challenge where random Elemental Dice can be obtained to unleash special skills. For people who just want to enjoy leisurely gameplay, “A Tour of Wonders” is a great choice to join a sightseeing Parkour or enemies-clearing tour and collect commemorative stamps at the checkpoints to exchange for rewards. By finishing the events above, players can win Invokation Coupons to redeem rewards, including the free 4-star bow “Ibis Piercer.”