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Elle Fanning Talks Death Stranding 2, Says Her Gamer Friends Reckon It’s The ‘Best Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Speaking during an interview with Josh Horowitz, Death Stranding 2 actress Elle Fanning discussed her work in the upcoming Hideo Kojima-directed sequel, admitting that she’s not a gamer and is definitely going to play Death Stranding 2. She also admitted her gamer friends are more than a little hyped she’s involved in the project.

Oddly enough she also said that Kojima-san sent her a PS3, although presumably that was a mistake on her part and she was actually sent a PS5 — how else is she going to play Death Stranding 2? Regardless, it’s clear Fanning is more than a little excited about the project.

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Fanning is playing a major role in the game. In fact, Kojima said earlier this year that Death Stranding 2 would have had to be rewritten if the actress turned down the part. Fanning herself commented on the status of the game back in February, saying that while it looks ‘outstanding,’ it’ll ‘get so much better.’

Death Stranding 2 is currently in development for the PS5, and is currently without a release date.