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Isonzo Update 1.23 Deploys With New Monte Grappa Map, Weapon Balancing

Blackmill Games have deployed the Isonzo update 1.23 patch notes for you to feast your eyes on, which adds support for the free Grappa expansion. This includes a new map, Monte Grappa, as well as a series of weapon balancing and bug fixes.

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New additions

  • New map: Monte Grappa
  • New weapons: Tettoni Mod. 1916 “Ona” (IT), Gasser M.1870 (A-H), Dreyse M1907 (DE)
  • New DLC: Expedition Units
  • Added more robust data gathering about sessions and match length, for which there will be a new EULA popup


  • Added Captured Beretta M15 to German Officer as Logistics II (level 20) challenge reward
  • Fixed issue where XP requirements for challenges were not checked properly
  • Fixed floating bullets when reloading the Gewehr 98 with stripper clips
  • Fixed issue with Luger reload sound
  • Improved consistency for reward display consistency in Progression screen, including “captured” status
  • Fixed standing up animation looking odd in first person by removing hand animation for now
  • MG08/15: Improved wall collision behaviour, Fixed bash & vault animations not working, Preventing firing while mid-air, Fixed mag reappearing when interrupting reload, and prevent conflicting icons showing, fixed clip state when empty, numerous other fixes to audio and first person behaviour
  • Fixing being able to skip transitions when firing LMG’s while tigering/sighting
  • Fixed M95 issue where the riflegrenade wasn’t following the hand
  • Fixed deployed icon not reappearing after finishing reload
  • Glisenti grip update & shell eject fix
  • Tweak to audio delay for fiat revelli reload close sound
  • Fixed audio reload issues with Beretta M1915
  • Fixed not being able to bolt weapons when sprinting with manual bolting off
  • Removed “J” debug key that would cause you to fall through the ground


  • Increased Sight Speed of G98, M88-90 and Glisenti M1910
  • Increased Fire Rate of M95
  • Decrease Fire Rate of M88-90
  • Increased Stopping Power of M13, Roth Steyr M1907, G88 and Beretta M15
  • Decreased Stopping Power of Glisenti M1910
  • Slowed Reload Speed of P08 and C96