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Uncharted Rollercoaster Arrives At PortAventura World In June

PlayStation has been putting in plenty of effort to expand its IP in new ways, one of the most visible being its tv and film adaptations, and very soon, a new rollercoaster based on Uncharted.

Sony announced last year that the ride will be coming to PortAventura World, and it is almost ready to launch, and will open on June 17, 2023.

The ride will be called Uncharted: The Enigma Of Penitence, though so far there’s been no sight of Nathan Drake, or any of the other main cast of characters being a part of this ride.

However the trailer announcing the ride does feature actors in very classic Uncharted garb, practically cosplaying as Drake.

Nintendo’s own Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan and in California has been a major source of attraction for both parks, and seemingly a huge success for all involved.

It’ll be interesting to see if PlayStation is able to get to that same point, where a whole area in a theme park, or even potentially a whole theme park, is dedicated to PlayStation IP.

Source – [PortAventura via Reddit]