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LEGO 2K Drive Players Are Seeing Their Offline Progress Wiped When Re-Connecting To Online Servers

Reports from players jumping into LEGO 2K Drive early either due to pre-orders or in VGC’s case being sent a copy of the game to review are revealing that if you play the game offline, then re-connect to its online servers, you’ll liable to lose all the progress you just made playing offline.

Basically, if you were playing LEGO 2K Drive while connected to its online servers but are then disconnected because you perhaps played something else for a time or just turned off your console, if you don’t make sure to reconnect then next time you start playing, any progress you make offline has the chance of being deleted.

Because when you do reconnect, the game is automatically synching the saved data with your last “cloud save,” rather than your local save file, without any prompt to ask if you wish to keep your local file or the cloud file as your main, updated saved game.

Developer Visual Concepts and 2K are aware of the issue, and are currently looking into it, according to VGC’s report.

“We understand some players are experiencing a loss of game progress with LEGO 2K Drive on PS5. We are investigating and will share additional updates as soon as they’re available.” said a spokesperson for 2K.

While only the PS5 is mentioned by the spokesperson, it is unclear if this issue is occurring on other platforms as well.

Hopefully a fix is released soon, such as an option to select your local file or your cloud save file to move forward with. Until then, best make sure you’re online in-game at all times if you don’t want to lose any progress.

Source – [VGC]