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A Player Survey From Bungie Asks If Players Would Consider Playing A New Destiny Game

Destiny has been one of the largest gaming franchises since Bungie first unleashed its new world to players all the way back in 2014, and it has only grown since then with the release of Destiny 2, and each new major expansion.

The big lingering question for years however has been whether or not Bungie would ever release a Destiny 3, or if it will simply continue with the Destiny 2 title, even as the game makes the kinds of huge changes you’d expect with a whole new game release.

A recent player survey from Bungie includes an interesting question, asking players “How likely would you be to play a new game from the following franchises?” with Destiny listed as the only option.

Those completing the survey have options from “Not likely at all” to “Extremely likely” and everything in-between to choose from, and while this doesn’t necessarily indicate a new game is on the way, it does show Bungie is testing the waters of this idea.

Now this doesn’t mean that a new Destiny game would automatically be Destiny 3 – it could very likely be a game based in the world of Destiny, from Bungie, that takes on a whole new genre.

It could even still be a shooter, but one with a different focus than the core game. What does make things more interesting though is that we’re getting awfully close to the upcoming “Final Shape” expansion, which is said to be the end of this current storyline’s saga.

Bungie may very well have a whole new game in mind as what it’ll do next, though it is difficult to speculate at all now, as the story events of The Final Shape will surely help to point as to where Bungie might go next.

Source – [TheGamePost]